Subject RE: [IB-Architect] Database names: Hair trigger
Author Mark Shapiro
>I didn't call it inheritance, I used an analogy. In any case I was thinking
>of something a little more integrated. It seems to me that placing this
>functionality in isql is limited as a complete solution. What if I have a
>system that uses another method of creating a database (like with IBPerl?)
>and I want to make sure that all database creations are given the same
>default functionality?

Actually, calling it inheritance isn't necessarily a bad idea. When you go
to create a database, there could be parameters to the CREATE DATABASE call,
such as:
INHERIT mydatabase.gdb
which would tell CREATE DATABASE to use mydatabase.gdb as a base, and maybe
which would tell INHERIT only to inherit metadata

In this way you could inherit not only UDFs, but also table structures.