Subject RE: [IB-Architect] InterBase source languages
Author David Schnepper
Straight C: Engine is 100% vanilla C. Assumes ANSI_PROTOTYPES available.
90% of the code base had #ifndef _ANSI_PROTOTYPES_ so it would
compile under a generic K&R C compiler.
(This was as of April 1999)
The engine also has some sections written in Embedded GMDL (InterBase's
prior to SQL).

There are some ancillary files and examples of embedded use for GPre in
C, C++, Fortran, Pascal, PL/C, Basic, Cobol, Ada.

I think the install program uses InstallShield.


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How much of the current code is straight C and how much is C++ extensions
and how much is C++ using an object hierarchy?

I know some ancillary parts of the product are also done in Delphi Pascal
and Java. Any other languages in use?

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