Subject Re: [IB-Architect] Database names
Author Tim Uckun
>file but write it also to reflect additional file, shadows,
>etc. If the engine were to write the file while somebody
>else had it his editor pending update, the config file update
>would be lost. Or, if a file level lock used, the engine
>would be blocked pending access to the file. Neither is
>very appealing.

I don't understand how the registry avoids this problem. Surely I could be
editing the registry while a program was modifying the contents of it (or
visa versa). We could overwrite each others changes.

As for XML it might be overkill. I have attempted to use XML in some B2B
stuff and it always seems like it's overkill. If the two parties have to
agree on a schema anyway why not just use a comma delimeted format.? Oh
well I guess that's kind of OT.

I think I remember reading someplace that relational theory dictates that
all schema information be kept in the database itself. I presume this
would include any aliases.

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