Subject [IB-Architect] Fw: Mischievous SYSDBA
Author David Schnepper
Tim -- requesting a point of clarification:

Does this include backup? transaction recovery? database verification?

(And THANK YOU for taking a stab at defining the problem!! We've got too
many programmers here -- and programmers like to dive in and fix the


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>There are lots of ways to solve most problems, but only if the
>problem is well understood. So, once again, could somebody make
>a stab at a clear problem definition. Not a prospective solution --
>just the problem.

I don't want to speak for everybody but here is my wish in a nutshell.

There ought to exists a mechanism such that only the application I have
written should have any access to the data and schema.

That's it. The file ought to be utterly useless to anything and anybody
other then my application. My application will interact with the data and
show the results to my customer if, where, when and how I want.
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