Subject Re: [IB-Architect] Open Question to IB Developers
Author dcalford
Hi Phil,

> Simple answer, don't install packages you don't want.

Yes, but, when you started, did you know what packages you did not need?

Where would you have preferred to start, a very basic installation, and a series
of task-specific install files, or, 1.5 GB of files where you don't know where
to begin?

Remember, alot of people do not have the time to spend 18 months to get up to
average speed with what is a backend to their real app - the database.

> include all the software needed to set up anything from a web server to a
> word processor, or a DB server to a video editing suite, does not mean you
> have to install all of it.

Try the mandrake install, the smallest install with everything removed except
what that distribution considers the 'basics' hits over 350 MB.

Redhat tops in at 518 MB with the latest release.

The other distributions are better than this, but, most assume the user has a
background in *nix and the how-to's are just now getting up to speed. Alot of
the how-to's assume too much from the user.

Sure you can take any distribution, spend some time during the install removing
all the choices that are not appropriate and then you have what you want. As
long as you know what you want....
What I am proposing is the same, only, you add packages to a basic install vs
removing packages.
Smaller download, easier to know what is going on, and easier to learn for a

I guess what I am getting to is a mini-distribution for those who want a working
linux IB server without needing to go through months of learning curve or having
security and configuration problems that go against the very reason they want
linux in the first place.

best regards