Subject Re: [IB-Architect] Open Question to IB Developers
Author Tim Uckun

What I am proposing is a distribution of Linux that has nothing in it :)

Doesn't debian pretty much do this. It installs just enough to get dselect working. Then you have to deal with the insane dselect gui though and that makes me dizzy. Also the minimal install of slackware is about 30-40 megs I think.

What I am proposing is a INTERBASE LINUX.  A simple download (my current
calculations would be about 40 MB before packages) that would allow
someone who wants a simple network server with interbase on linux to set
it up without worrying about removing unwanted apps or properl
configuring a /etc directory with 900 files in it.

YES! Hey do you want to work on this I'm with you 100% I'll help you. In fact you could even box it up and sell some plug and play hardware like cobalt. Here is what you can do. Have interbase presinstalled. Have a journaling file system like ext3 or reiserfs pre set up. Format drives with bigger blocks who needs inodes when you entire OS will have less then few hundred files on it. Put together a nice client end package and include marathon or something similar (or even a whole host of shareware products). It's a winner if you ask me.

If this project goes ahead, and Ann and Jim like the idea, then the
distribution would become the property of Newco (and hopefully add to
thier income).

For anybody who is interested, let me know and we can coordinate it.

You don't have to have IB do it. All the parts are available open source. Just put it together and put up a web site and see if anybody bites. You could even supply different flavors using postgres, or whatever too.

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