Subject Open Question to IB Developers
Author dcalford
I have been looking at Linux for quite a while.
I have found the same problems with Linux that Jim has stated on this

I have tried multiple distributions, multiple configurations and in the
end, I have found them all wanting.

There are some good distributions out there. BUT, every distribution I
have seen is filled with bloat.
The basic distribution assumes that you either want every package they
think is appropriate, or, you have no life and fully understand the
implications of choosing one arcane package name over another.

If you choose to intall all, you get some very interesting situations
(for example, if you happen to have mandrake 6.x series, and you
manually select all the packages possible for installation, but leave
the "install all" option unclicked, you get a install of about 900 MB.
If you select "install all" but do not select anything else, you get a
850 MB install. If you select everything including "install all" you
get a 1460 MB install.....)

What I am proposing is a distribution of Linux that has nothing in it :)

It is the basic kernel, compiler, SysV system, all the most basic tools,
including a single text editor and a C compiler.
No networking, or anything else for that matter.

Then, using LokiSoft's GPL installer, make install packages for
everything else just like the windows installer.

This would include Interbase.

The concept is, a version of Linux that is simple to install and setup,
and does not have a million and one daemons and packages all opening up
security holes for the administrator.

What I am proposing is a INTERBASE LINUX. A simple download (my current
calculations would be about 40 MB before packages) that would allow
someone who wants a simple network server with interbase on linux to set
it up without worrying about removing unwanted apps or properly
configuring a /etc directory with 900 files in it.

One of the biggest arguments against MS is that in order to have a
stable system, you need to uninstall half the default packages and apply
certain patches to remove the rest of the security holes. Linux is no
different than Windows. If you stripped Windows of all the add on crap
that MS marketing wants to have on the system, it would be preatty
stable. Now the linux community is doing the same.

I know that when I am setting up a server, (on windows or linux), I am
setting it up for a specific purpose and only want specific programs on
it. This is difficult for someone who knows Linux (and the millions of
variations of different apps) let alone somebody who just wants to get
IB running and does not care about the OS.

If this project goes ahead, and Ann and Jim like the idea, then the
distribution would become the property of Newco (and hopefully add to
thier income).

For anybody who is interested, let me know and we can coordinate it.

Best regards