Subject Database files > 2GB.
Author Jason Chapman
We run 5.6 on NT.  We have 4 databases - One of which is just about to breach 2GB so I have created a secondary file - all well and good.
We also create a daily backup and restore.  This generates the following problems:
1) It appears that I will have a _Major_ problem when the backup file breaches 2GB as Gsplit is not supposed to work under NT - what am I going to do?
2) When I do the daily restore I generally do this to e:\dbbackup\yymmdd\DBNameyymmdd_hhmm_gdb.gdb.  This means that on my redundant server with 36GB of storage I can get a few days worth of backup & restore for disaster recovery, testing, historic data retrieval.  My problem is this....  The secondary file seems to not believe in relative addressing, therefore if the state the secondary file as just BAINES1.GDX, it will put it in the IB Bin directory or was it the system32 dir.
Whichever, it means that I must always have the GDB in the same location, i.e. e:\data\sqldata\DBName which has just made my database a whole lot less portable.
We even back every days zipped GDB & GBK onto CD - this way when someone says that a piece of data was this or that six months ago I can bring that days database back to life within minutes.  Not anymore.
My Architectural request goes something like:
1) Is it possible to change secondary files to acknowledge relative addressing.
2) Even better would be a situation where I don't even specify a filename & there is a default format for secondary files like
Am I missing something or is the above true, if so, how many programming hours will it take to fix and how much would it cost to get it sponsored and scheduled in to the urgent list of things to do.