Subject RE: [IB-Architect] Database files > 2GB.
Author Leyne, Sean
Was reviewing some of the old messages, "looking up pet peeves", and
came upon this posting.

What realistically take to implement this feature?

To my mind, this would go a long way to addressing some questions
regarding IB's support for larger scale DB uses. It would also address
the needs of developers like Art Merts (I hope I spelled that right) who
have larger (70Gb in his case) databases.


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> Jim Starkey wrote:
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> > It is probably best, although I would like to
> > hear from Charlie, that this style of interface be maintained for
> > consistency.
> >
> It's still elegant after all these years! Altering secondary
> file names
> with DDL sounds fine to me.
> What bugs me is that we don't add the 2 lines of code to perform a
> 64-bit multiply (page_number * page_size) so that customers
> can have the
> choice of a single (or few) large database file(s) instead of 100
> secondary files. An Alter statement to rename that many files would
> still be an error-prone chore.
> Regards,
> Charlie