Subject Re: [IB-Architect] How about triggers on SELECTS or any DML plus others.
Author Jason Chapman

> You can't insert into a stored procedure, but you can insert into the
> base table. You can code your applications to insert into the base
> table but always select from a select procedure that does the logging
> you want.
> People can't select from the base table unless you grant them the SQL
> privilege to do so. Grant SELECT privilege on the base table only to the
> stored procedure itself.
This is too restrictive. A selection form may have 15 fields you can enter
into and the underlying code will produce statements on the fly, almost all
of my selection forms work this way.

> I think triggers on non-DML events would be useful. Login/logout is one
> possibility, as well as backup, restore, on a schedule (like cron), on
> the first new page allocations in a given secondary file, etc.

Excellent - the only issue is that this would meant that the IB engine would
have to spontaneously generate a transaction, something it doesn't currently
do to my knowledge.

Thanks for your comments.