Subject Re: [IB-Architect] UDF replacement: native shared libraries vs. Java
Author Ann Harrison
At 11:39 PM 4/6/00 -0600, Tim Uckun wrote:

>Just thinking out loud here...
>What if instead of having triggers and stored procedures the database could
>send events or signals. that way your code could hook into the database
>events yet be running outside the database altogether. Of course this could
>also be completely language neutral so you could code in PERL if you wanted
>Leave the database engine light and simple.

Ummm... Switching process context tends not to be simple or light -
especially if you're comparing it with a built-in trigger that's inserting
the current data into a row. There's also a lot of information available
to stored procedures and triggers (connection, transaction, current row,
new row, parameters...)

The language neutral part is very attractive though...