Subject Re: [IB-Architect] Foreign Key indexes
Author Ann Harrison
At 11:08 PM 4/7/00 +0800, Joseph Alba wrote:
>Several months back, I migrated an XBase setup to Interbase. (the database
>contained millions of billing/collection records ...The first few minutes
>processed thousands of records per minute. But as the record count reached
>the hundred thousand records it ground to a very slow 1 record per minute
>insertion, after four days, the computer ground to a halt of one record
>insertion every hour..
>I tried going down to the API level, but still the same. Finally, ...I
>realized that I had a foreign key referencial integrity constraint on
>these millions of billing records, because the AREACODE field of these
>records was referencing an AREA table which had only 15 tuples.
>I cancelled the referential integrity constraint, and disabled all indexes
>and the transfer got through in a few hours.
>So, is there a problem with just one type of indexes or what?

I don't know, but I think we'd better find out. According to my
understanding of the index structure, adding rows to a duplicate
chain should be fast. If you would send me the details ... were
you loading only one table? What version of Interbase? What indexes
were defined? Could you send the ddl for the target table(s)? and