Subject RE: [IB-Architect] Delete Generator
Author David Schnepper
(A nit) - In ODS 10 (first available in v6.0), a generator is a 64 bit
Still not worth recovering.

However, "DROP GENERATOR" is a SQL statement which should be supported --
a) Currently people do it with DELETE FROM RDB$GENERATORS WHERE
b) Which doesn't properly check dependency graph
c) And people need to actually "drop generators" when removing subsystems,
or developing
a script to upgrade a production database (or undo an update).
d) (and a reason just for grins) - SQL 92 calls for it.


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Subject: RE: [IB-Architect] Insert Speed

At 12:16 AM 4/9/00 -0400, Claudio Valderrama C. wrote:
> Some specific points, hope brief to answer:
>- When I look at rdb$pages, am I watching at the PIP or at a high level
>of the PIP or they are not related at all?
>- About generator pages, can I assume there're no practical limits on the
>number of generators? When I no longer need one of these, if I delete the
>appropriate entry in rdb$generators, will the "deleted generator" remain
>anyway for all the lifetime of the database? Can I get rid of it with a
>backup/restore since there's no DROP GENERATOR command? I don't expect an
>unused generator to hold too much space, so this question is motivated
>mainly by curiosity.

The PIP stuff is answered in another post.

A generate consumes 32 bits from a disk file. Not worth recovering.

Jim Starkey

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