Subject Cascading delete, SP-triggers cross-references
Author Tilo Muetze
Dear IB developers,

I have two suggestions(questions) on IB:

1. For what reason IB deletes in a FK-OnDelete action first the master and
then the detail records? Isn't it better first to delete the
detail records and then the master record? I ask this mainly because I use
before and after delete triggers in the detail table which reference the
master record.
Until yet I just delete in the bd-trigger of the master table the detail
records. But
maybe the behaviour of IB (if it don't break any rules) can be simply

2. I often use a stored procedure that updates or inserts a table.
Now sometimes I don't want that triggers in the table to be fired.
At the moment I use a help table in which I set a flag. So, when I update
the table
from the sp I simply exit the trigger when this flag is set. Is there any
possibility for IB to enhance this in the future?


Tilo Muetze
IQ Compusulting