Subject Re: [IB-Architect] Security holes...
Author Robert Schieck
Emil Briggs wrote:

> How strong is the encryption? Also how will the Open Source
> release of Interbase deal with encryption/legal issues?

InterBase passwords use a double DES Salt with a seed of 9z or is it z9
or is it Z9 ... I forget.

There are larger problems, like anyone who logs into InterBase can
create a database and the put whatever they want into it... To the point
of filling up your disk and shutting you down.....

Three tiered architecture is wonderful for security. The users never get
direct access to your database. Even if they manage to get access to
your middle tier, they can only have it do what it does. In a custom
rolled middle tier the documentation is usually a little sparse and even
more sparse for a hacker.....

My two cents worth


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