Subject Security holes...
Author Jason Wharton
I am aware of various exploits that are exposed when opening up an InterBase
database to connect over the internet. Some of them are quite serious. I
would like to know what, if any, of the known issues have been solved for
version 6. Of course I would also be interested in discussing what exploits
are still exposed...

I would like to run an application where I accept direct connections from
anywhere on the web but I don't want to leave a security hole wide open...

I know this is kind of a vague post... Mostly I'm hoping to start a
meaningful discussion... I'm always a little leary when taking about
security holes because you never know who it listening in a public forum...

Will I need to wait until the source is released and then make my own Q&D
hacks to disable the server in the areas that offer the exploits? Hopefully
I can do this!

Jason Wharton
InterBase Developer Initiative

InterBase will be the database of the new millennium.