Subject RE: [IB-Architect] Journaling support?
Author Phil Shrimpton
> From: jerzy.tomasik@...


> I remember seeing "Journaling" in old InterBase manuals (3.3)
> but I've never used it. Today I've tried to find out how
> to set it up in the 6.0 beta, and to my surprise, I couldn't
> find it anywhere in the documentation.

I have been looking into the Reiser-Filesystem, which is available for Linux
(together with about a hundred others), mainly for the 24x7 issue. As I see
it there are two ways, using shadows on separate disks, or use a
'journaling' file system. First tests of Reiser show that it not only
recovers quickly it seams a lot faster in general to ext2 and the other
common file system formats.

The Reiser journaling file system logs every change to data structures in
file system, enabling its re-creation within a few seconds after a sudden
system failure (e.g. power outage).


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