Subject Re: RE: [IB-Architect] Journaling support?
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> Interbase doesn't require Journaling because of it's versioned
> support. If the system crashes and restarts, all records marked
with a
> version # corresponding to an uncommitted transaction are marked
invalid and
> thrown away as they are encountered. This allows Interbase to
> instantly after a crash without having to reload from a Journal,
and with no
> data integrity problems.
> Further, it avoids many of the locking problems that other servers
have when
> transactions hit the same area, and it guarantees 100%
re-readability of
> data within a transaction with no performance or locking penalties.

I agree with you that MGA solves the problem for system crashes
which leave a corrupted file, however, there are other problems
that are not solved as easily:

1. Drive failure could leave you without any file. Shadowing
or mirroring could solve this, but for a very large database
it's quite expensive.

2. It doesn't help for situations where human errors or acts
of malice force you to restore the database to a point in the
past, hopefully not too distant ;-)

I may have been under a misconception, but what I'm looking for
is a mechanism similar to Oracle's archivelogs, and I thought
that journaling was more or less equivalent.


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> Subject: [IB-Architect] Journaling support?
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> I remember seeing "Journaling" in old InterBase manuals (3.3)
> but I've never used it. Today I've tried to find out how
> to set it up in the 6.0 beta, and to my surprise, I couldn't
> find it anywhere in the documentation. I've gone back to
> version 4.0 and it looks like journaling was already
> removed (for example "enable" keyword not in gfix).
> Is there any history behind it? Are there any plans to
> resurrect journaling?
> IMHO, journaling is essential for 7x24 applications
> where up to the minute recovery is a must.
> Is there an alternative mechanism that I'm not seeing?
> Bye,
> Jerzy
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