Subject Re: [IB-Architect] Re : License Question
Author Andi Kleen
On Thu, Mar 23, 2000 at 06:53:53AM -0800, Markus Kemper wrote:
> > The fact that Classic scales better on SMP than
> > SuperServer shows that the work is not complete BTW,
> > you can sink near endless work into suitable locking.
> We are investigating the issue of better SMP support
> with the SuperServer. I do not know your level of
> IB experience but, it sounds like you have some MySQL
> experience. If you have not already had a chance
> to explore InterBase from a transaction (I don't
> believe that MySQL has them) and application development
> perspective please do. I think you might walk away saying
> to yourself "What locking?. InterBase's unique versioning,
> the MGA, engine makes it so easy for me. I no longer
> have to think about multiuser contention."

Interbase 4/Linux used to spawn a lock manager, so there is
surely some locking going on. Also I assume you'll need some
locks e.g. to protect the data structures in a shared cache
(I'm not even thinking about transaction locks, but more about
basic things like linking buffers in a free list etc.).