Subject RE: [IB-Architect] Interbase Culture and Open Source
Author Tim Uckun
>This seem like a reasonable thing to ask for. Are you suggesting
>that sometimes people want to see an alphabetical list that is
>not all caps?
>Great idea. Let's do it. The day after the source goes public
>I'll lead the charge.

When I do a search for where something="somevalue" I want to get the same
result set as when I do something="SomeValue". So yes I guess I am saying
that. I want to store the data anyway I want so that when I send out my
mailing lists Mr. MacFadden does not get pissed off that we messed up his
name. OTOH when Mr. MacFadden calls and wants to talk about his account I
want my employees to be able to find his record without knowing how it's