Subject Re: [IB-Architect] Interbase Culture and Open Source
Author Tim Uckun
At 12:34 PM 3/29/00 +0200, you wrote:
>From: "Brice VIDAL" <bvidal@...>
>Then you simply have to say that IB is really more simple to use and voilĂ  !
>You can try to have something done with Corel that would give it a similar
>to Access front end tool for Linux (Like a port of paradox to Linux if not
>already done). I think that you have to benefit from the synergies with

Bravo. I couln't have said it better myself. Interbase is a better MSSQL
then MSSQL. On the linux end right now there is no desktop front end at all
so it's a wide open market. If you also build interbase access into the
upcoming kylix product you hook the developers. This is a very powerful
trio of apps from corel. I for one will be rushing out to buy klyix as soon
as it comes out and if it has IB connectivity in it I will be sooooo happy.