Subject Re: [IB-Architect] Thread-safety of gds32.dll
Author Ann W. Harrison
At 04:03 PM 12/20/2000 +0300, Dmitry Kuzmenko wrote:

>I'm not sure, it must be tested. I remember that in some IB version
>all queries in different processes were executing serially, i.e. next query
>won't execute until current is finished.

Hmmm. The V2.0 TCP/IP server was like that. It made people mad,
so we built pseudo-threading in 1987.

>I know that there is no local connection in Unix. You can't connect to
>without specifying localhost or servername. So local connections are
> > Is just a Classic problem or does it affect SS as well?
>I think there is no difference between classic and ss for this issue.

Yes there is. A classic client can link directly with the InterBase
shared image, eliminating IPC completely.


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