Subject Thread-safety of gds32.dll
Author Helen Borrie
Hi all,
The issue of the thread-safety of gds32.dll has been raised again on a
Delphi list.

Steve Garland commented that gds32.dll was not thread-safe on a local
connection (a fact verified by a recent post from Charlie).

I added that, as I understood, gds32.dll was not to be regarded as
threadsafe at all when it was sharing a CPU with the server, i.e. a
connection to LOCALHOST instead of libs did not fix the thread-safety issue.

I got this from one of the discussions and noted it at the time - but I
can't reach the mers archive and I can't track it down.

Could Charlie, Jim, Ann or anyone else elucidate this issue and comment on
how you consider it affects 3-tier application development with IB?

What is its effect on connection pooling?

Is it a Windows-specific problem, or is also not thread-safe?

I would welcome all views, with the objective of condensing them into an
article for the Really Useful page on IB2K.


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