Subject Re: [IB-Architect] Thread-safety of gds32.dll
Author Steve Garland
<Could Charlie, Jim, Ann or anyone else elucidate this issue and comment on
how you consider it affects 3-tier application development with IB?

What is its effect on connection pooling?

Is it a Windows-specific problem, or is also not thread-safe?

This is obviously a large issue for us as we have been strongly suggesting
IB6 to be used with our ASTA product which does aggressive database
connection pooling with our ASTA pooled threading model.

Since Interbase and ASTA require both moderate resources to run we have lots
of users expecting to run IB6 and their ASTA Server (which uses gds32.dll as
a client of course) on one machine.

Under Linux we want to start pitching the Linux/Interbase/ASTA appliance
concept for instant vertical applications.

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