Subject Re: Thread-safety of gds32.dll - Linux client broken too
Author Brad Clements
We've hit this issue with gvibDA and Zope as well on the Windows
platform, and maybe on Solaris/Linux.

Its totally anecdotal, but strange lockups on the Windows platform has
forced gvibDA (the Interbase adapter for Zope) to include thread level
locking per interbase connection. The interbase adapter is running
single threaded on all platforms now.

I don't know if it was an issue on non-Windows systems, but the gvibDA
author has put it in all versions of the adapter.

I can get information from the author if you need it.


On a related note (and sorry I haven't checked firebird bugs list yet), the
Linux client times out connections and causes broken-pipe errors,
which are also being worked-around in gvibDA. I'd like to tackle this
problem myself, if I had some time and knew where to start.

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