Subject Re: [IB-Architect] Thread-safety of gds32.dll
Author Helen Borrie
At 01:55 PM 20-12-00 +0300, you wrote:
>Hello, Helen!
>Helen Borrie wrote:
> > The issue of the thread-safety of gds32.dll has been raised again on a
> > Delphi list.
> >
> > Steve Garland commented that gds32.dll was not thread-safe on a local
> > connection (a fact verified by a recent post from Charlie).
>It was NEVER thread-safe on a local connection.

That much was known...I'm trying to get to the bottom of the the
shared memory conflict between client library and server the only
issue? Why should it be so? Do you think it was deliberately made so to
prevent people from developing middleware using LIBS?

>And seems it
>executes queries serially for different processes.

I'm not sure exactly what you are saying here. (a) all queries within a
single process are executed serially? or in some processes it executes all
queries serially and in some processes it doesn't? Do you mean it queues
up queries and won't execute one until the current one is finished?

> > I added that, as I understood, gds32.dll was not to be regarded as
> > threadsafe at all when it was sharing a CPU with the server, i.e. a
> > connection to LOCALHOST instead of libs did not fix the thread-safety
> issue.
>localhost works same as remote connection. Only local connection (not
>uses shared memory for IPC between gds32.dll and interbase.exe.

Is there any way one can observe/test that?

Do you know whether it affects all platforms, or just Windows?

Is just a Classic problem or does it affect SS as well?

Sorry for pressing these questions - I promised an answer to the delphi-db
list and an article for ReallyUseful, but it has turned out to be extremely
difficult to find out about it.

Thanks Dmitry.


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