Subject Re: [IB-Architect] IB - PLAN clause in the SELECT
Author Paul Reeves
Jason Wharton wrote:
> > This is not the support list, please go to, join the
> > Interbase Support List and then re-submitted you message to this list.
> If you want your support request to be viewed immediately, go to
> IB-Support@... (same place as this list) and sign up. There are lots
> of very knowledgeable people there and the list doesn't have the same
> problems has been having a lot of recently. Seems a lot of messages
> there are either getting lost or taking hours to show up. I used to have my
> list there but somehow it got killed and I had to fall back on my list at
> eGroups. Ever since moving my community of about 500 people there I have
> been hearing nothing but praise for how quick and reliable eGroups is. We
> carry on virtual conversations at times, something we could never do on the
> list at Mers.

How does one subscribe without going through the eGroups sign-in rigmarole?
eGroups think cookies are a 'good thing' and want to set lots of them and send
them to any server they fancy. I disagree with them. Last time I tried we
couldn't reach a compromise so I gave up.


Paul Reeves
taking InterBase further