Subject File handles and multiple database files
Author Vince Duggan
Good day all,

In InterBase 5.x there is a known problem to do with limited file descriptors
being available, and therefore there was a limit of around 248 users being able
to connect.

Chris Jewel did some work, specifically on the Solaris port, to raise this limit
to 1024 (or was it 2048) descriptors.

There are two questions I would like to pose:

1. Did this work that Chris did make it into the final release of IB6?

2. Does the problem multiply with a database consisting of more than one file?
i.e If the database consists of two files, is the (old) limit brought down to
approx. 125 connections?



Vince Duggan
Synectics Software
Inprise C/S Business Partner
South Africa