Subject [IB-Architect] Firebird source failed for linux
Author Randal Carpenter

I had 2 problems with firebird source building on slackware 7.1. Point me
to a better list if you have one thats more suited.

1. Notably the problem was assuming the "." was in the path, which
on linux is the case as a regular user on most systems, and NOT
the case on linux as root user. So when you su up, it fails when
it trys to run msgs/check_messages file as just

./check_messages would have worked better...or they can do as I
did and all "." to the path...but that adds potential security
problems to most linux folks would frown on that.

2. It tried to use -lbsd as the curses library. Even the binary version
of linux release uses -lncurses. This was in the make_kit file on the
build root, the makefile in the gpre subdirectory, and in the makefile in
the qli directory. I don't know of any linux version where the bsd
library has not been replaced by ncurses or curses or both. Did I mess up
here and forget to do something...I changed it where I found it, but the
end result was a clean acting but non-complete build...

Once I fixed these it built cleanly and did not complain, but all the bins
like gpre, qli and isql were all 0 bytes in size.

I figure there was somewhere I could have told it to use ncurses/curses
libraries instead of bsd, and missing that step might have caused my 0
byte binaries...though I got no errors.

Randal Carpenter