Subject Preventing one user from dragging down performance?
Author Corey Wangler
Hi all,

Just wondering about increasing the robustness of IB
with respect to a user that does a 'bad thing'...
(such as doing a large expensive query with sorting).

I'm hoping that the sequential scan improvement
introduced with IB6 will help in this area for
SuperServer (I assume that Classic would be pretty
robust in this respect).

Is there anything else that can be done to IB in order
to isolate users such that one user cannot slow everyone
else down? Or are large sequential scans the only thing
that could cause such problems? What happens with CPU
intensive operations on SuperServer -- do all users get
a slice of CPU with the current threading model?

I guess I'm asking what things can currently bring the
database to it's knees, and what can be done (if anything)
to fix things...



BTW, I ask this because we are having some
problems with our application's performance.
We're using IB 5.6 (Windows, NT) at the moment.
Hopefully moving to IB 6.x very soon. Will be
trying both Classic and SuperServer on Linux.