Subject How to store/retrieve PDFs using IBObjects
Author Chuck Belanger
Hello All:

Could someone steer me to how I can do the following:

I would like to take a PDF file, compress/zip it and then upload to a DB
and store it compressed then when needed, decompress and view the PDF.

I found the the open source Abbrevia components have a component to
compress a stream and decompress a stream. My lack of understanding is
in how to actually move the PDF files/stream via IBObjects, particularly
DSQL, INSERT and later as a SELECT statement.

I believe I saw IB_DSQL has a CopyFromStream method, but I am not clear
on how to add to parameters in the INSERT statement, nor how to extract
the stored compressed PDF back out of the DB.

Thank you for any help or suggestions, sample code you might have,

Chuck Belanger.

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