Subject Re: [IBO] Anyone knows why FIrebird on VPS cannot access UDF\FreeUDFLib.dll
Author Andrew
On 2018-07-31 04:53 AM, Chuck Belanger phytotech@... [IBObjects]
> I am hoping someone else has had experience with setting up a Windows
> VPS and maybe understands what may be happening.
As I understand it, a VPS is just a virtual server in the cloud.
> BTW, FreeUDFLib.dll is not the FreeAdHocUDF, although I seem to remember
> it having some of its source.
Sorry about that.  Brain got stuck on FreeAdhoc instead.
Do any of the UDFs shipped with firebird work properly?
> There was a time that the Delphi source was available for FreeUDFLib. It
> is to that source that I added a few of my own functions. There is not a
> need for extra files with that.
Is there anything in firebird.log relating to your DLL?

Based on the error message, the DLL can be found.
So next would be dependancies, permissions, system policies, anti-virus,