Subject A way to use Str2Str in SELECTS, via OnColumnCoding or something similar?
Author Chuck Belanger
Hi, Jason:

I am reaching out to plan for what may be an issue around using an UDF
dll on a VPS remote server. I just posted my problem with the inability
to access FreeUDFLib.dll on the VPS, but it works just fine on my local
machine and even on an older FTP server, remotely.

Anyway, a while back, you added Str2Str as a routine to IBO. This
function I have been accessing via the UDF for SELECTS and using your
IBO ability to call the function for UPDATES and INSERTS via
IB_Connection.OnColumnCoding event. Str2Str is an XOR routine to
scramble text.

My question is:

Can I use your Str2Str for SELECT statements, thus negating the need for
use of the UDF? Not sure how I would do this. If so, can you advise how
I would set this up?

Thank you!


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