Subject FB 3 Embedded: Being sure dependent DLLs are available before upgrading to
I have created a pretty slick method to upgrade a FB 1.5 DB to 3 inside my application. IBO's ability to select the DLL to load is pretty cool.

That said, I am having a problem on some computers that do not have the MS C++ Redistributable DLLs on the computer. The problem occurs late in the process and ends up leaving my users without a database (I can get them there but it takes hands on support).

I thought I would test loading the FBCLient.DLL (FB 3.02) to see if it loaded, but it loads just fine and does not report any problems--even if the dependent DLL's are not present.

Is there any way of knowing if the dependent DLL for FB3 are on the system before I start a 1.5 backup and the FB 3 restore fails?

Thank you,

Ed Dressel