Subject Re: MAP is a keyword in Firebird SQL?
I use IBO since 2000 and used v4.8 until a short time ago because it worked flawless and I had no need to change it. I use it only with an old projects I have in Delphi 2007.
In newer projects in Delphi 10.1 I use IBDAC and that works great.
As I need to be prepared for FB3 I had o upgrade IBO and since then I found a lot of issues. Some of them were on my side, but some are in the IBO Core. I always try to find the point in the source code, where the problem has it's root, but sometimes it's hard to find.

I really appreciate the support Jason provides and I do not find, that it is too slow. I already had a online support session where we were able to find and fix some errors.

Now, as I increase testing scenarios, more and more problems pop up. As soon as I find a problem, I try to find the root for it by debugging through the code and then I try to describe it as good as I can, so that Jason can reproduce and fix it.

I never wrote, that Jasons support ist poor. Ok, I wrote, that I get frustrated with the many bugs I am faced with, but I do not think that this is inappropriate.

Anyway, I am interested in getting all those bugs fixed and provide as much help as I can to do so.

I allready fixed some of the bugs in the code of IBO and made a short document, where I describe all those fixes, just to be able to redo it, whenever I install a new version of IBO that does not have those changes in it.

So I try to help myself as good as I can, but it would be great to have those problems fixed in the official IBO release, so that I do not have to make all those fixes again after the next update. And it would be good to know, if there are any sideeffects to be expected from my changes.

Best Regards