Subject Re: MAP is a keyword in Firebird SQL?
Just a small note on all your trials and tribulations regarding this update. And do note that i am not affiated with IBO.

I saw in another post that quite some time have passed between the previous and this update. Jason has put a lot of work into IBO and it is rather recently that he put in unit tests. Each bug / compatibility problem you report will probably en up in a unit test these days.

Also please not that there have been changes to the compatibility layer of Delphi (the TDataset thingies), those changes forces Jason to do changes that in turn may create difficulties for you.

I have done (in my humble opinion) some rather extensive tests regarding DACs and FB (maybe you use IB though) and in 2009/2010 the competition appalled me and i remained with IBO even tough i did a rewrite so i could have chosen any other DAC.

Last year i took a long look at FireDAC (inluded).

1. Even though you may feel Jasons free support may not be as prompt as you might like, any problems with FireDAC is thought Ema/Ideras QC system. It usually takes years to have those fixed.

2. Professional Delphi comes with FireDAC but *not* with all sources so you can not draw the conclusions you for example did above.

So to conclude; HMO is that if you help Jason root out these incompatibilities and bugs you will have a much better experience in the future.