Subject ParamsCheck confusion

Regarding som TIB_ components:


Should i interpret the ParamsCheck property as if enabled i do not need to explicitly call prepare before accessing any parameter?

I have observed such behaviour a couple of times.

However if i save a TIB_Cursor/TIB_DSQL unprepared, unconnected after having checked the prepare it seems to work w/o ParamsCheck enabled. But not if the component is visually inherited.


Instead has an AutoDefineParams and a ParamNames property. (The ParamNames seems to be able to hold param default values too, it seems difficult to know if its null or empty string w/o going into the dfm. I would suggest a "copy names" button in the IDE editor for that property.)

  • If anyone can enlighten me as to how these properties are intended to be used i would be very grateful.
  • Also, does the SchemaCache store parameter info for my queries/storedprocs used by these components? I observe some RDB$ queries being issued to retrieve parameter info and i'd really like to get rid of those.