Subject IBO 5.9.3 Build 2620 Release Candidate 1


I have recently release a new version of IBO for final testing.  Here is an excerpt from the release notes.

6/2/2017 Version 5.9.3 [Build 2620]

This release is considered a Release Candidate only and is not an official release!

(Many of these fixes are due to recent development destabilizing the code.  Major changes were done internally in order to implement new optimizations in buffering.  Therefore, many of these bugs have never been part of an official release of IBO.  In the future I plan to delineaate between bugs that have been in released code vs. bugs that are just a part of new development efforts.)

Fixed a problem with TIB_Cursor.Append method.

Fixed a problem with IBF_Browse form.  The query with the index names was getting closed unexpectedly.

Improved the TIBOTable implementation of horizontal dataset refinement.

Fixed a bug with the ControlsReadOnly property.

Fixed Unidirectional property in TIB_Query and TIBODataset components.

Touched up DML Caching regression test.

Adjusted TIB_ColumnMemo to use UTF8 encoding instead of MBCS encoding.

Fixed up SearchingLinks and the sample apps that go along with it.

Improved OAT transaction processing to respect ActivatePendingCount.

Fixed code in FPC so that it handles the CharUpper() routine properly.

Small improvement to the TIB_ArrayGrid control.

Fixed a problem having to do with refreshing with refinement criteria.

Fixed a problem where calling InvalidateSQL could cause the dataset to close unexpectedly.

Caused warning messages to not be treated as exceptions.

Added a new regression test to make sure SELECT statements with in-line SELECT statements are still able to be able to be inserted into.

I reworked several parts of the code to compile with strict pointer types.


Jason Wharton