Subject IBO 5.9.3 Build 2594 Beta

I put out a new beta release today containing additional fixes and improvements.

5/19/2017 Version 5.9.3 [Build 2594]

This release is still considered in BETA!

Improved behavior of DML caching so that RefreshKeys() behaves consistently.

Fixed bug in GotoNearest method.

Fix a problem when using TIB_Cursor and doing an Insert and posting it.

Optimized reference to TIB_Column.Computed property information.

Optimization for TIB_CtrlGrid to work better with queries that have several columns.

I fixed an issue where if a Prepare fails it would leave internal buffers allocated.

I added a new property to TIB_Connection called LocalDatabasePrefix to add flexibility to the connect string.

Fixed the refresh action of raKeepRowNum when refreshing.

Fix for SearchingLinks to properly consider compound columns.

Fixed problem where duplicate columns were being put in UPDATE and INSERT statements.

Improved behavior of TIBODataset.BookmarkValid() to actually make sure the bookmark belongs to the dataset.  It will actually check on the server now as well.

I am working on making an official release and hope to have it ready by end of next week.

This release is available on the web-site.


Jason Wharton