Subject Huge problems since updated from 4.8 to 5.9.x

Since I wanted to migrate my applications from FB2.5 to FB3, I needed a new version of IBO. I upgraded from 4.8 to the latest version. Now I have huge problems.

First on is a big decrease in performance when using TIBCTRL_Grid. I allready sent a demo program, where this issue is fully reproducable to Jason weeks ago, but did not hear any news since than.

Now I discovered another, even bigger problem.

When I have a TIBO_Query and call Edit, it raises an assertion Exception. Debugging shows me that it is in the unit IB_Components at the method TIB_DataSet.SysUpdateOperation

in the line  with

Assert( (tmpCol as TIB_ColumnBlob).IsLoaded );

No idea why this raises that exception.

I am close to go back to IBO 4.8 and then try to replace IBObjects by IBDAC in my older programs that I have to keep in Delphi 2007. The newer ones are allready in Delphi 10.1 with IBDAC and they work fine with FB2.5 and FB3.0.

At the moment I am really disappointed with IBObjects and the support after having it used since the year 2000.