Subject TIB_LookupCombo and 2 monitors

In a delphi form I have a TIB_LookupCombo (LC). When is is dropped down the standard position for the left edge of the LC is aligned with the left edge of its containing column. Working on one monitor only, if the width of the LC would cause the LC to overflow the right edge of the form, the left edge of the LC is pulled left so the LC fits inside the form. This is standard practice, I suppose.

I am using two monitors with the 2nd to the left of the 1st.

When using two monitors and the form is in the 2nd, and when the LC would overflow the form right edge the LC is always placed inside the left edge of the 1st monitor. By "always" I mean wherever the form is in the 2nd monitor. In particular when there is room in the form to pull the LC left into the form.

Windows 10 has a similar error (I'll call it that) when using file explorer on a 2nd monitor and placing user messages at the left edge on a 1st monitor.

Some repairs are desired in this logic, in IBO.