Subject IBO 5.7.13 Build 2411 now released


I'm pleased to announce the latest release of IB Objects, including a new evaluation release as well.

Please see the download area for access to these latest updates.

For those who have a commercial license, please keep your subscriptions up to date by going to and logging in to your account and extending your subscription. If you need any assistance recovering a password, please don't hesitate to contact me for help.

Note: There was a problem with the installer for Delphi 10.1 Berlin that has been resolved.

I included the most recent excerpt from the release notes that pertains to this new sub-release below.

Kind regards,

Jason Wharton

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6/8/2016 Version 5.7.13 [Build 2411]

Enhanced TIB_Grid control to color all columns that are part of a multi-column sorted dataset.

Fixed a problem with TIB_SearchEdit and the SearchingLinks feature so that NULLs are not problematic. I also fixed a case where it would freeze when this control would call Application.ProcessMessages.

Enhanced TIB_LocateEdit control to make use of the SQLOrderLinks so that it can take advantage of multiple column searching. I also added a property so that you can user define what character you want to delimit the multi-column values with.

Enhanced a workaround to deal with an old Firebird bug so that the SQL trace monitor doesn't get flooded with cursor close messages by attempting to work around that issue when it no longer exists. This will also make the code run more efficiently overall.

Fixed an Access Violation if the EIB_ISCError exception object is instantiated with TObject.Create() constructor instead of the more appropriate constructors.

Improved IBO's logic to keep inactive transactions closed to avoid extra garbage collection and bloating.

Fixed issue with field trimming on key columns when using TIB_Import.

Added enhancement to the TIBOBackupService and the TIBORestoreService. It's not possible to use stdin.

Fixed problem where the following TField types were not properly registered with the Delphi IDE: 

TIBOBooleanField, TIBOWideStringField and TIBOArrayField.

Fixed a bug that caused "Column Type 0" error.

Fixed a bug where primary key column values were being trimmed of whitespace when they shouldn't have been.

Improved handling of domain name based column attribute settings.

Improved buffer synchronization logic.

I made a few improvements to the CPPB 5 build files.