Subject TIB_Transaction: multiple connections to the same database
I have a situation where I have two connections to a single database, and I want to attach these to a single transaction.  I'm using the TIB_Transaction.AddConnection method and it seems to work well.  The problem I have is that changes posted (not committed) on the first connection aren't showing up on the second connection.  i.e. if I insert a record in a table on connection 1 then query that table on connection 2 I can't see the new record.

I'm not sure if there's a problem with my code or if this is just a limitation of Firebird (I'm using 2.5).  I know generally the AddConnection feature is used when the connections are to different databases, and in that scenario this issue wouldn't be a factor; I need it for multiple connections to a single database because I need to connect using multiple roles at the same time (sadly not possible in a single connection).

Can anyone advise?  Is what I'm trying to do possible/supported in Firebird/IBO?