Subject Re: IBO and fbclient.dll
When using a TIB_Connection at Connection - login the database parameter form I use "MyServer\myFulPath". When this points to a FB 2.5.x database I can connect to the database. The Connectoin - Login - Characteristics - Server Version tells me I have connected to the intended database.  When this points to a FB3 database the server rejects the connection; I think because IBO is not using the FB 3 client library. I am using IBO 5.2.x without the newer TIB_ClientLib component. I connect to a FB3 database when my program runs. 

So I am assuming IBO at design time is using a pre FB3 client lib. If so what file is IBO using and where is it looking for this file?

Is it looking for a FBCLIENT.dll or a GDS32.dll?

If I know where IBO is looking and the file it is looking for I might be able to connect to a FB3 DB at design time.