Subject Re: [IBO] IBO and fbclient.dll
Author Helen Borrie
Saturday, May 28, 2016, 1:15:14 PM, Russell Belding wrote:

> Using Fb 3.0 requires the FB3 fbclient.dll client library. At run time I have no
> problem using FB3 and IBO. I have fbclient (fb3) available in the program root folder
> and in Windows' system folder.

> In design time if I try to open a FB3 database inside my TIB_Connection I get error
> message "connection rejected by remote interface". I am supposing this is because and
> IBO connection is using an older client library; and if I can get IBO to use the FB3
> fbclient.dll the connection will be made OK.

You've very likely on the right track regarding the reason for the
"connection rejected" message. However, don't overlook the effects of
the new architecture. The "windows local" style of connection,
a.k.a., "serverless", now requires the prefix "xnet:\" before the path.
If you stick with just the path, or your connection object is
configured "cpLocal" what you now get is the embedded engine. A live
connection that used a serverless path string will block any other connection.

I haven't (so far) done any rigorous testing with IBO over Fb 3 and
not at all in the IDE. However, I certainly bumped into this problem
when I first tried to use IB_SQL with Fb 3 and the old-style
connection string while simultaneously connected with isql.

Also, I have neither a recent Delphi nor a recent IBO, so I can't test
how Jason is handling the revised protocols.

Cheers from Waiuku,