Subject RE: [IBO] IBO and fbclient.dll
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You have the ability with the more recent versions of IBO to use your own explicit TIB_ClientLib component.

This way you can just set the path to the DLL file in its FileName property.


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Subject: [IBO] IBO and fbclient.dll


Using Fb 3.0 requires the FB3 fbclient.dll client library. At run time I have no problem using FB3 and IBO. I have fbclient (fb3) available in the program root folder and in Windows' system folder.


In design time if I try to open a FB3 database inside my TIB_Connection I get error message "connection rejected by remote interface". I am supposing this is because and IBO connection is using an older client library; and if I can get IBO to use the FB3 fbclient.dll the connection will be made OK.


Where does IBO look for the FB client library at design time?