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Just keep in mind that using a uni-directional cursor (non-buffered query) is more efficient and you want to use them whenever you don’t need things buffered.


TIB_Cursor is uni-directional and non-buffered.

TIB_Query is bi-directional and buffered.


The differences in behavior between TIB_Cursor and TIB_Query are common sense when you have clarity on what they are doing under the hood, so to speak.


Please let me know if you need any further clarification.





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Subject: [IBO] Re: Random "field not found" errors


Thanks SET and Ed, that's good to know... Not understandable indeed, why "Open" is there, if it's not supposed to be used / doesn't work properly...

Since I don't have a certain way to reproduce the error, I wouldn't be able to check, if using "First" instead of "Open" worked, so to be sure I've replaced all the IB_Cursor with IBOQueries now. Shouldn't matter in this case, because only one row / field is beind returned by those statements.

However, we have many more places where IB_Cursor are being used. Will have to watch them closely, I guess...

Thanks for your replies.