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You an still call Open on a TIB_Cursor. It will go ahead and open the cursor but it won’t automatically fetch the first record. Calling the First method of a TIB_Cursor will open the cursor if it isn’t already open. If it is already open, it will close it and reopen it. Then, it will also fetch the very first record for you.


If you call First with a TIB_Query it will just navigate to the first record in the buffer of records. It won’t close and reopen the query.


I hope this clarifies the difference between the non-buffered TIB_Cursor and the buffered TIB_Query.





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Subject: [IBO] Re: Random "field not found" errors


style='font-size:9.5pt'>Many years ago, I think Jason recommended to use Open for TIB_Queries, and First for TIB_Cursors.

Jason--if open is not valid (and I vaguely remember a conversation with you about this), then why is it there? IMHO, if it is there (and from what I recall, it should not be called which is an argument for not having it), at the very minimum, it should raise an exception, or better yet, override the ancestor and have it call "First".

Ed Dressel