Subject IB_Query - Unsupported column type: 0


Getting an error when I try to open a TIB_Query which is selecting from a stored procedure.

Error: Unsupported column type: 0.

The query contains:

select   CUS_ID,  CUS_STATE
from spordercussum( CAST(:a AS INTEGER),

The error occurs with or without the CAST in the query, I added them so as to see if the problem was some sort of error with the prepare not being able to tell what kind of Param it was.

I created a test program which recreates the error and uploaded it to

Source and an executable, extract it and run Invview.exe check the

user, pass and then Push "Connect DB"

Then push "btPrepare" to generate the error.

Delphi 7

IBO 5.7.9_2360

Windows 8.1

Really don't understand why this is happening, I am going to continue to

try and trace the code in IBO but it is hard.  Please advise how to fix this.

Trying to get to the new version of IBO so I can upgrade to the new version

of Delphi.


Michael Horne