Subject Re: [IBO] Discrepancy between param and field size
Author Robert Martin

Try deleting your SchemaCache (if you have one) that might help.  I had a similar issue with new Fields showing and that fixed it for me.


On 13/11/2016 1:04 AM, [IBObjects] wrote:
I defined a field as being varchar(10) then subsequently changed it to varchar(6).  However, when I edit an ib_query that references that table, it is showing it in the params tab as varchar(10), even though the fields tab correctly shows varchar(6). 

I've unprepared and prepared the query, come right out of XE3, deleted the ib_query component and recreated it.  Stopped and restarted the firebird service. 

The field is part of a primary key.  All foreign keys that point to that primary key show as varchar(6).

Where is that param size being cached? 

Using Firebird 2.5, IB_Objects, XE3 17.0.4624.53395

Any ideas?